The same scene gets played out across office’s everywhere……… A lunchtime meeting is called, the Boss offers to provide lunch to keep everyone motivated but the silent thought from the majority is ‘Oh no, not those sandwiches again!’.

The unlucky person in charge of ordering gets bombarded with dietary requirements, suggestions and requests for low carb, no fat, diet friendly, energy boosting options.  Tie all this in with working out if it’s a eat and work option that’s required or if the team can stop and eat at a more leisurely pace and this can certainly prove to be a hard task.

Luckily, Grass Roots can solve all of these dilemmas for you.  With a range of easy to eat ‘lunch on the go’ options such as our individually packed lunch boxes which include a small salad, sweet treat & drink, to savoury platters, soup stations and salads we have every requirement and every situation covered!

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