We’re up and at it very early each morning, preparing the day’s menu from our very own kitchen at each of our stores.

Our chef thinks long and hard about the weekly menu and what new flavour delights can be added each week.
The heart of the grass roots menu offering consists of a tantalising rotating salad selection that you can team with something savoury such as frittata, filo parcels, quiches, or gourmet pies.

For those of you who also start work with the sparrows, or perhaps forgot to set the alarm last night, we can supply morning sustenance with our satisfying breakfast menu of tasty energy food such as muesli, porridge, fruit salad, yoghurt and breakfast croissants. Our quality organic coffee is also high on the list for those who need a bit of a wake up or a warm up!

Our menu is constantly rotating, growing and updating so you'll find different offerings in store each day.

You can take a look at our ‘What’s to eat this week’ section which let’s you know exactly what’s available on our menu for the week without having to leave your seat! VIEW MENU

If you have special dietary needs, we have a good selection of foods which are gluten free.


Our Salads are prepared with fresh tasty ingredients, every morning - all made from scratch by our chef..... no supermarket dressings here! We have 4 staple salads that you'll see every day, the rest are rotated to keep your tastebuds tantalised. You won't go wrong, no matter which salads are on offer today, but if you want to know what's on the menu for the week view our weekly menu. Alternatively, drop in to one of our stores and surprise yourself!

Salad Selections:

  • Chicken: Caesar, tandoori, greek, mexican, asian, honey mustard, ranch, satay, honey soy and cashew, teriyaki

  • Lentils: Beetroot fetta and rocket, turkish, greek, roast vegetable, tabbouleh

  • Couscous: Moroccan, mediterranean, artichoke dill and sundried tomato

  • Chickpea: Asian, moroccan, sweet potato and beetroot, pumpkin and roast capsicum

  • Pear, rocket, walnut and parmesan with dijon style dressing

  • Raw zucchini, fetta, rocket and basil pesto dressing

  • Roast mushroom, fetta and rocket with dijon style dressing

  • Apple and fennel

  • Watermelon, fetta and mint

  • Pumpkin, feta and date with pesto dressing

  • Broccoli, chilli, parmesan, rocket and lemon dressing


Eat them on their own, or add them in with a salad or two. Either way, they're tasty, wholesome

Savoury Selections:

  • Quiches - spinach and cheese, bacon and cheese, chicken and mushroom

  • Filos - Spinach and feta, vegetable, chicken and mushroom, chicken and asparagus

  • Pies - potato, satay chicken, beef and mushroom, beef, wholemeal spinach and cheese rolls

  • Frittata - Bacon and vegetable, spinach and feta, zucchini carrot and fetta, chorizo and vegetable, vegetable and fetta

  • Wholemeal spinach roll

  • Wraps - varies varieties

Hot Specials

These 'Hot Specials' or 'Chef Specials' are dreamed up by our chef on a regular basis in order to really tantalise your tastebuds! The flavour combinations are to die for, and there is nothing better than something warming your belly on a cold winters day.

Hot Specials:

  • Pies - spinach and feta, chicken and broccoli, sweet potato and feta

  • Gnocchi - mushroom and herb, chicken and broccoli, carbonara, pumpkin and spinach

  • Stuffed potatoes - Cauliflower broccoli and cheese, bacon and cheese, mexican bean

  • Vegetable bake - Mediterranean, potato bacon and cheese

  • Arancini - mushroom and feta, bacon and cheese, beetroot feta and mint

  • Fritters - corn, zucchini feta and sundried tomato, cauliflower and cumin, carrot and coriander

  • Sliders - pork with appleslaw, cheese burgers, bombay chicken with mango chutney

  • Pizza - chicken sundried tomato fetta and rocket, turkey cranberry and avocado, bbq chicken, chorizo olive roast capsicum and fetta, roast mushroom thyme fetta and rocket, beetroot spinach fetta and cashew

  • Stuffed - zucchini, mushroom, capsicums all with 3 cheese and herb filling

  • Lasagne - vegetable, beef, chicken and leek


Our Soups are made from scratch, with all the fresh quality ingredients we can fit in! No nasty additives or canned stuff here! Our soup flavours are rotated daily, so check our weekly menu if you want to know specifically what's on offer this week, but here's a small selection of the soup's you may find instore. You can rest assured they all taste good and will warm you up on those cold days (or help you thaw out from the office air-con!)


  • Potato and leek
  • Chicken and veg
  • Roast mushroom
  • Minestrone
  • Pumpkin, chilli, ginger
  • Pea and ham
  • Beef and guinness
  • Chicken, lemon, thyme and wild rice
  • Spinach and zucchini
  • Sweet potato and bacon


If you would rather catch another 10 minutes shut eye in the morning, we can help you out! Our nutritional breakfast menu should keep you satisfied until lunch time.

Breakfast Options:

  • Bircher muesli
  • Berry and almond bircher muesli
  • Natural muesli
  • Granola
  • Yoghurt
  • Fruit salad
  • Bacon and egg lepinje
  • Bacon and egg wrap
  • Mushroom, egg


We have a range of delicious juices and refreshing cool drinks along with our range of hot drinks, including our Brazilia organic coffee.

Smoothie Options:

  • Brekkie gone bananas
  • Monkey alert
  • The boss
  • Berry bonanza
  • Donkey kong
  • The tropics
  • Ice coffee
  • Iced chocolate

Juice Options:

  • Ginger megs
  • Veg out
  • The hulk
  • Red river

Fruit Crush Options:

  • Mango mania
  • Berry it
  • Refresh